Newsletter #10




CSS 2017: Primoris Belgium remains in the excellence zone

Primoris has started this year with a fourth extensive customer satisfaction survey by the independent marketing agency Satix. We organise this survey every three years, because we want to keep improving our reliability and quality on every level.
More than 100 customers participated in this survey, for which we would like to express our gratitude. Their effort has provided us with crucial information that allows us to optimise our daily operation.

On the right picture you can find a summary of the average scores per subject that was questioned in the survey:

Similar to 2014 Primoris remains in the excellence zone of the Customer Experience Index in the servicing companies sector.

Some key elements:

    1. Excellent evolution over the years: in 10 years time the general satisfaction has risen from 4.88 to 5.13 on a scale of 6.
    2. An extraordinary customer experience: more than 90% of our customers would recommend Primoris.

Additional follow-up of the results
Of course we are pleased with the results, but we can always improve certain elements. In the meantime we have started following up the results, so that we can register the elements that need improvement in an internal optimisation plan, together with the remarks and suggestions from the survey. Some of the respondents will be contacted personally in the coming weeks in order to provide more detailed information on their remarks and suggestions.