Newsletter #9




Method development: new possibilities in analysis reports

In order to support you in the best possible way, we added two new options in our analysis reporting program.

ARfD retailer overview

When registering an analysis request in extranet, you’re able to select a special retailer report for one or more retailers to check whether the analysis result is acceptable for that retailer.

From now on, we also offer the possibility to get a convenient retailer overview that indicates the evaluation of 16 retailers. This allows you to see at a glance the evaluation for all those 16 retailers.

If you want to add this retailer overview to all your reports, please contact our customer care team via or +32(0)9 330 10 10.
For individual samples, you can also select this report definition yourself when registering your sample in extranet (Report => Report definition => ARfD Retailer overview).

Sample pictures available on report

In the near future, we will start taking pictures of all samples that arrive at our lab. The picture will be taken after its registration and in its original package. 

If you use extranet, you'll have the possibility to get an analysis report with this picture on it. If you want more info about this option, please contact our customer care team via or +32(0)9 330 10 10.

Extranet: Optimize the registration of your samples thanks to this free online tool

Above new applications are available on extranet, our free online tool to register your samples, to do the follow-up and to extract analytical data.

Do you want to give it a try? Contact us today, you won’t regret it!

Find out all about extranet.