Newsletter #9




Primoris Belgium new member of NAREDI

Primoris Belgium has become a member of NAREDI, which is the Belgian Federation for Food supplements, dietary and organic products. At European level, NAREDI is an active member of the European Federation EHPM, the official contact point for the European institutions.

At Primoris Belgium, we combine high attention to reliability in food analysis with continuous investments in knowledge and support of the customer. This has led to a strong reputation in reliable analyses of more complex matrices such as food additives, supplements, oil containing seeds and vegetable oils, essential oils and spices.

We are thrilled to be a member of NAREDI and we’re convinced that this membership will help us to gain even more insight in more complex matrices. We notice that in everyday life, these matrices become more important. Since we want to offer our clients the best possible service and relevant analysis methods, we know that this membership will have a positive effect on our analytical developments, which is of course an advantage for all our customers.

Do you want to know more about our analyses on our more complex matrices?