Newsletter #9




Seminar June 15th - Contaminants and food safety | A challenging combination

On Thursday June 15th we organize our annual seminar in Belgium (Nazareth, East Flanders). Registrations for the seminar open on Wednesday May 3rd and close on Wednesday June 7th on our website

Attention: the seminar will be completely in Dutch.

De Clercq Carine

This year we will be focusing on new challenges concerning residues and contaminants in terms of circular economy, which is an economic system aiming to maximize the reusability of products and raw materials and to reduce value destruction. This may have its consequences on product quality and food safety. During the seminar, we will discuss these new challenges in terms of  legislation, practice and lab.

We also stay faithful to a solid value in our program, which is the presentation of the results of the 2016 residue monitoring.

Since we want to get to know our customers, we invite all participants to the closing reception at the end of the seminar.

Carine De Clercq
Director of Primoris



Please visit our webpage (in Dutch!) to see the full program, the timing and the address details.

In a nutshell:



The role of residues and contaminants in circular economy

What is the legal framework in terms of circular economy? Could residues and contaminants cause problems when reusing raw materials, residual currents, packaging materials, … Where do possible contamination routes appear?

Liesbeth Jacxsens
Agro ABC vzw
Ghent University, Department of Food Safety and Food Quality

Migration form food packaging, focused on mineral oils

An overview of contaminants originating from packaging materials: which groups are there? What is the actual legislation and are there any solution strategies?


An Vermeulen
Pack4Food, Technological advisor

Does safe and sustainable feed exist? Of course!

Every year, the Belgian compound feed industry valorizes more than 3,5 million tons of by-products that would normally end on the waste mountain. However, the (food) safety of these flows is in the center of our attention, next to the quality and nutritional value. The past years, we’ve elaborated an entire food safety approach that is being supported by all links in the chain, which consists of the suppliers of amongst others these raw materials, traders, transporters and compound feed producers.

Karen Kerckhofs

BEMEFA, policy officer food safety, quality and crisismanagement

New contaminants on their way to the lab

An overview of the planned analytical extensions to support the food and feed sector, concerning mycotoxins, plant toxins, mineral oils, …

Hans Braeckman

Primoris Belgium, Head of Product Management

Results of the 2016 residue monitoring program

Vicky Lefevre

Belgian  Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain, Director General Control Policy



Registrations start Tuesday May 3rd on Our customers will also receive a personal invitation by email.

Eager to find out more already?

Reach out to us via email on We hope to be able to welcome you in  June and also advise you to register soon as seats are limited.