Important method update of LMS and LMS2 methods on July 3rd

  1. Inclusion of abamectin and emamectin into LMS(L)

The  compound abamectin and its derivative emamectin will be included in the LMS(L) multimethod.


RL (mg/kg)

Under accreditation?




emamectin benzoate B1a (partial product, included in a residue definition)



Emamectin benzoate B1a, expressed as emamectin



emamectin benzoate B1b



2. Expansion LMS2 method

1. Transfer of dithianon from LMS2 to specific individual method

Until now, it was possible to request analyses on dithianon in the LMS2 method and by requesting the specific pes#dithianon method. As from July 3rd, you will have to  request dithianon by selecting the new product code DITH_01_A in extranet, which replaces the pes#dithianon method.


Launch of new method name

Monday July 3rd

New name


Relevant matrices

apples and pears, applicable on all fruit & vegetables

Reporting limit

0,01 ppm


2. Update residue definition haloxyfop & fluazifop

On a regular basis, we keep track of changes in the legislation and adapt the determination of compounds according to their residue definition.

Due to a modification of the residue definition, a slightly altered analysis approach is necessary for all phenoxy acid herbicides, including haloxyfop and fluazifop. To comply fully with the legislation, a hydrolysis step is added to the extraction process of the LMS2 method. Thanks to this hydrolysis we’re able to determine the phenoxy acidic herbicides with their esters, as requested in the residue definition.


Update certificates

The new general certificate version 28 will be available on the client portal of our website as from Wednesday June 28th