Method update: new method code for dithianon analysis requests

Until July 2nd, you have to select the actual method name PES# in extranet and then tick dithianon. Starting from July 3rd, the method name PES# will disappear in extranet from the list of options.

This new method code makes the analysis request of dithianon easier because we reduce the method selection with one step.


Launch of new code

Monday July 3rd

New name

1 step: DITH_01_A

Old name

2 steps:

    1/ select PES#

    2/ select dithianon

Relevant matrices

apples and pears, applicable on all fruit & vegetables

Reporting limit

0,01 ppm

Standard analysis time

5 working days

About dithianon

  • Dithianon (molecular formula: C14H4N2O2S2) is a synthetic compound of the quinine family. It acts as a conventional, protective, broad spectrum fungicide in apples, pears and many other fruits
  • Dithianon is applied as a foliar spray, and is surface acting. Dithianon adheres well to the surface of the leaves, and once dried gives good persistence and is relatively rainfast. It is also possible for the compound to be reactivated on the surface of the plant by rain and run off, resulting in a certain level of protection to new growth.

New certificates on client portal website

The new general certificate version 28 will be available on the client portal of our website as from Tuesday June 27th.